N05 Stylus Nibs - Drawing Pen Nib - Artisul

Artisul Pen Nib N05

Encomende no armazém da CN, se você vem do Brasil

•  Durability                      •  Flexibility

•  Authenticity                   •  Applicable to P58B and P59

•  Easy to replace


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Smooth and natural drawing experience

Friction between pen nib N05 and the tablet will bring users immersive experience as if he were drawing with a pen and paper


Durable pen nib N05

Pen nib N05 made of high strength materials is more durable. Quality of materials applied further ensures the contact between the nib and tablet to be more true to life as how it feels to draw on paper  


Easy to replace

Fixture on the pen that is specially designed to hold the nib is friendly for nib replacement


Pen nib applicable to Artisul digital pen P58B and P59

Artisul N05

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